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Tips To Help You To Choose A Good Custody Lawyer

When many people decide to go their separate way by divorcing, it is good to note that they will not only need a divorce lawyer but a custody lawyer too. A lawyer who helps to stand up for and protect the rights that a child or children have in a marriage that is breaking is called a custody lawyer. The lawyer that you choose should be a lawyer that has extensive know how of the field he is in.

As you look for a custody lawyer, look for one who went to a law school that is well known and who has gained tones of experience after leaving school. One very major thing you should do is find out how many cases the attorney took and got to win them and the ones he took and lost and also find out why the attorney lost those cases. Be sure to know a bit of what you should know about the cases that the attorney lost, without him having to tell you about the people he was representing or any detail about the case which is major or sensitive.

Make sure to narrow down your search to three lawyers that you might probably choose after you conduct a thorough research on the various lawyers that are specializing in this field. The determining factor while choosing a custody lawyer should never ever be the fact that the lawyer has offered free initial consultations because this will actually be an offer given by many lawyers. Even though you feel that the offer you have been given by a lawyer of not having to pay anything initially as you go for consultation with the lawyer, make sure to be about patient with choosing who the right lawyer is for you.

Compile a couple of questions for the lawyer you would like o choose to be jour representative in court and then ask him to give you an appointment. Make sure that you include everything that has to do with your case that you are concerned about and also everything to do with the lawyer’s professionalism in your list of questions. During a consultation, an attorney will let you know about your rights and the stand of your case but they will not offer you legal advise.

Any special circumstance that has to do with the case like he abuse of drugs or alcohol or both, domestic violence and physical or mental conditions should be communicated to the lawyer and discussed while you consult with your attorney. When you do this, they will make sure that they use this information to give you the best advice about your case since they now have the proper information. Make sure that the lawyer is extremely capable of handling any of the situations you explain to him.

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